Talk & Play #20 & #21 registrations are open, ReRunners, Which Passover Plague Are You?, Fail Loop and more out now

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Registrations for Talk & Play #20 on August 23rd are open, there’s only a small bunch of spots left, so RSVP via Meetup now. The confirmed speakers are Anastasia alpha_rats (on making a game about dreams and call-centers), Emmanuel Tabarly (presenting Codecks, a project management tool inspired by collectible card games) and Lisa lislis (discussing what’s a good language to start writing games in). Keep checking the event page as more speakers will be announced in a few days. If you’d like to bring and show your game during the second part of the evening, make sure to fill this form.

Talk & Play #21 on October 14th will be a special one, part of the Intel Buzz Workshop, a one day event focusing on tech and content trends in the games industry. On this occasion there will be a Talk & Play session featuring the Berlin independent studios inbetweengames (All Walls Must Fall), Maschinen-Mensch (The Curious Expedition) and Crafting Legends (Death Trash) talking about procedural generation techniques, and how they’re being used in their games. Additional international speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Have I mentioned the event is free? Get your ticket now!


New games made in Berlin

Here’s a list of games made by companies and individuals based in Berlin that have been released in the last few weeks. If your game is missing, or if you know a game that should be included, please let me know.

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