UI/UX ARTIST (Freelance) at Syncreality in Berlin or Remote


What’s the job?
Syncreality is looking for an experienced freelance UI artist with a background in UX design to work closely with our creative and technical departments in shaping how users interact with the Syncreality Engine. in the classical game engine editors as well as in VR. You will also work with us on the UX of Syncreality produced apps, experiences and games. Gamedev experience or a good feel for game / VR centric UX/UI design challenges are important.

We have a development runway all through 2022 – Jan to Dec, with potential extension to 2023 and beyond.


Who are you folks?
We are Syncreality, a Berlin based team of multi-passionate and curious developers innovating the next generation of VR/XR content tools with playful and forward looking design.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds; game designers, software engineers, movie makers, modular synth enthusiasts, architects, and more. We believe in a highly democratic workplace with a radical degree of transparency that is strengthened by diversity of thought, background, and character.


Wait, what are you developing?
We believe in the power of virtual worlds as an immediately immersive and emotional experience. If you have ever put a VR headset on a parent and see them just get it, then you know what we mean. 

Syncreality is an engine that can integrate the physical world into the virtual – imagine walking around in VR and actually being able to run your hands over the control panel of a spaceship, or sit on the log next to the campfire while you roast vegan weenies with your friends. The core of Syncreality is achieving this in a scalable manner that will work for anyone, any room, any place.

Syncreality is also the developer facing tool that makes this process possible – integrating non-intrusively and intuitively with the pipelines of making virtual worlds.

Finally, Syncreality is also producing content internally to showcase this engine and tool as it develops. We aim to put our best foot forward in not only exploring the experiential possibilities of physicality in VR but also how to educate future users in making the most of the platform.


What might a day to day look like?
The cool part is that the day to day is up to you! In your role as THE UI ARTIST at Syncreality you will work with the design, art and tech team to set our long and short term goals and proactively find things that need your attention. You might chat with us about the next UI mockup for a prototype in the morning, and then research about VR tools in the afternoon. Later in the year you might work closely with other UI/UX artists and carry out user tests of the Syncreality’s art pipeline.

At the same time, you won’t be alone. Everyone in our team is multi-faceted, and you will likely do many things closely together.


What do you mean *experienced*?
Note! This list is meant to be an indication. We encourage you to apply even if you think you might not cover all bases perfectly. The right people are not defined solely by their skillset. We are learning all the time.

You will be applying your holistic understanding of UI/UX and implementation to a live product development process, with many decisions yet un made, and many avenues to pursue. You will identify and solve the black boxes of today and tomorrow.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Collaborate closely with the art and engineering team when conceptualizing new features
  • Ability to set your own goals and be flexible in meeting the needs of an evolving project
  • Excellent written and verbal ability to communicate ideas, illustrate problems, and champion solutions
  • Ability to place yourself in the shoes of artists and developers (as users) of various levels, backgrounds, and needs
  • Knowledge about user journeys and flows, usability, best practises and easy navigation to create a great UX
  • Experience training or managing other UI artists


Production Skills

  • At least 3 years of work experience in the whole UI/UX design process with a good portfolio of works that demonstrate your experience creating creative tools for newbies and professionals
  • The ability to build components, libraries, patterns and design systems to ensure a common look-and-feel across all areas of the application
  • Deliver actionable designs: journey maps, user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes
  • Experience working with modern design tools like Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD – we are currently working with XD
  • Working experience in game engines such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine
  • Some experience of UI implementation in Unity would be a huge bonus


Great, what do I get?
Firstly, we – I – the person writing this document right now – care about each other and our mutual wellbeing. We want to create a healthier and more equitable place to work. Everyone’s voice has a place. We communicate together on how we can flexibly meet each other’s needs. For instance, during our prototype sprint, we all agreed to give one team member a higher base salary compared to the rest of the team to help them cover (their relatively higher) expenses raising a family. That felt great.

Some important facts:

  • We work 32 hours a week. 4 normal length days, or 5 shorter days. Your decision.
  • We offer several competitive salary brackets based on level of responsibility and experience.
  • We don’t crunch, and we don’t do overtime. If in special circumstances extra hours are worked, they are paid.
  • We talk about more than just sprints. How are you? How are things going? What do you think we could do better? Have you been to any good bars lately?
  • We are primarily based in Berlin and we search for someone living here, but if everything else fits remote work could be possible too.

Consider this a baseline. Tell us your needs! We are very open to discussing the details of what would make you feel happy and empowered on a per applicant basis.]

We offer a high degree of freedom and personal responsibility – and the support to fail and grow. You get to make a real impact in a small team that is not only at the cutting edge of VR tech, but also dead set on pushing the envelope of that tech creatively and experientially.

Our office is located in Berlin, inside of the Sophiensaele building in Mitte, a few minutes away from the Hackescher Markt. The Sophiensaele is the most famous dance theater stage in the city and home for all kinds of creatives, as well as historically significant as the meeting place of famous German communist revolutionaries during the early Weimar period.

We highly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, or other under-represented  folks to apply. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive group of nerds.

What now?
Reach out to us with a CV and a little about yourself at:

Bruno Hansen –  Design Lead Syncreality

Job ad published on March 11th, 2022

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