Talk & Play #11 Recap

Talk & Play is a free event organised by that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet and exchange knowledge in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. It’s also the reason why this site exists.

Talk & Play #11, which took place on February 25 2015, was a special one: it was the first organised independently, without the support of OpenTechSchool, and also the first happening at Supermarkt instead of co.up – a venue I love, but that’s too small for what the event has become.  Because of these “firsts”, I must admit I was initially unsure of what to expect in terms of participation from the public. In the end, 150 people showed up, making this the most crowded edition of the event so far! Continue reading Talk & Play #11 Recap

Berlin Mini Game Jam participants pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy

The Berlin Mini Game Jam is a monthly 8 hours long game creation jam that brings people together to try out game ideas and create prototypes. There’s no entrance fee and everyone is welcome – no particular skills or tools are requested. If you’re curious, I highly recommend to try participating at least once, to get a feeling of what jamming is like, before moving to something more physically demanding such as the 48-hour Global Game Jam.

The February edition of the Berlin Mini Game Jam took place on Saturday 28, and was one of the most crowded so far, with more than 80 people creating 23 games in total. I’ve attended the presentations, which are always open to the public, and noticed that some of the participants decided to pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, who died the previous day at age 83, by making games starring Mr. Spock. Let’s have a look at them. Continue reading Berlin Mini Game Jam participants pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Make this weekend a Curious Expedition weekend

Naaaaa! Any plans for the weekend? – a former colleague of mine used to ask me this question every single time we met in the office kitchen. I wish we still worked together, so that I could answer him “Yes, I’m going to play The Curious Expedition for free, and so should you!”. Continue reading Make this weekend a Curious Expedition weekend

Agent Alice, Wooga’s new hidden object game, is out now

Agent Alice, Wooga‘s first release in more than a year, has just been released today.

Set in the vibrant era of the 1960s, players assume the role of Alice, a detective for The Agency who must protect the world we know from sinister otherworldly forces. What follows takes Alice on a supernatural adventure to exotic locales across the globe. Continue reading Agent Alice, Wooga’s new hidden object game, is out now

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