Software Engineer – Client / Gameplay at Thoughtfish in Berlin


Thoughtfish develops gamified apps and games for mobile devices. We strive to create innovative products and technologies with areas of applicability even beyond the scope of gaming. We are looking for professionals to strengthen our highly motivated and likeable team.

Your Responsibilities

• Be solution-driven, take initiative and develop original ideas towards all aspects of engine and game development
• Design, implement, optimize and maintain graphics features in collaboration with artists and game designers
• Develop and maintain content generation and content optimization of pipelines
• Low level profiling and optimization, write memory- and mobile-friendly code
• Optimization of systems: frame-rate, memory usage and load-times

Your Qualifications

• Experience with mobile game and graphics programming
• Released at least 1 title as Gameplay Programmer for current iOS or Android devices
• Experience with shaders, animation, lighting, and FX on mobile devices
• Advanced math skills (trigonometry, linear algebra etc.)
• Strong analytical and debugging skills
• Good communication skills and team work experience

Your Skills

• Experience with Unity3d 4.6 or newer or any other 3d mobile game engine
• In-depth knowledge of mobile OS APIs and tools
• Experience with iOS/Android

What we offer

• Transparent salary with regular, fixed increases
• A positive feedback-culture featuring “Thank yous”, motivation, and room for mistakes
• Cool and unique projects
• We appreciate working parents and the need for a proper work-life balance

What we do not offer

• Typical Start-up crunching times!
• The salary of your wildest dreams
• The salary of your most horrifying nightmares
• We do not care if you are male or female (or something else). We do care for job dedication.

If you are interested, please contact:

Job ad published on February 18th, 2016

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