Talk & Play

Our events are currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. As organisers we feel we have a big responsibility and we’ll avoid facilitating the gathering of large groups of people until it’s safe again to do so. We’re not planning any online events for the time being, but you’re welcome to join our Discord server in the meantime to chat with other people. Make sure to join our Meetup group if you’d like to receive a notification once a new event is announced.

Talk & Play is a free event organised by, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet and exchange knowledge in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.

Everybody’s welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we’ll make sure you have a good time! Important: this is NOT an event only aimed at developers!

The event is structured in two parts:

– TALK: Short game-related presentations + announcements from the community

– PLAY: All participants are welcome to bring games they’ve made or are still working on – a perfect opportunity to discover and play new games, collect feedback and, who knows?, maybe find collaborators for future projects

Our Safe Space Policy encourages the behaviour at Talk & Play. We request that everyone who is affiliated with and participates to the event honours it.



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