A group of people gathering around a laptop looking very absorbed by what's happening on the screen — a game being showcased. Photo taken by Julian Dasgupta at Talk & Play #41 in Berlin in 2023.

Talk & Play 2024 dates announced

We were so busy preparing the first edition of Talk & Play for 2024 that we forgot to post about it here, sorry! But the good news is that we have the dates for the upcoming events of the year, so mark them on your calendar:

• April 24
• June 5
• September 18
• November 13

They’re all Wednesdays. Registrations to attend the event will open exactly 2 weeks before each event starts, at 11 am. So for example for the April 24 edition the registrations will open on April 10 at 11 am. We’re mentioning this because all the available spots tend to fill up extremely quickly, usually in an hour or so. There’s no perfect way of managing this, there will always be more people wanting to participate that can fit in the venue, so the best we can do to give everyone a fair chance of getting a spot is to inform you well in advance and suggest to set a reminder.

Registrations will take place on our Meetup group as usual.

If you want to exhibit a project, showcase registrations will open 5 weeks before the event. You’ll find the link in the event description on Meetup.

We hope to see you there!

Header picture: Talk & Play #41 by the one and only Julian Dasgupta.